Jump into the Dream.
Dream Heist

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Dream Heist

Dream Heist is a board game that takes place in the dream world. The board represents the inside of a dreamer's mind, who is known as the Mark. Each player is trying to plant an idea in the Mark's dream, hoping that when he wakes, he will carry out their chosen task. The key is to make your task seem achievable to the Mark and to make sure he believes it was his own idea from its inception. In order to do this, the dream needs to be so real, that when the Mark wakes up, the planted idea sticks and he performs the mission without a second thought.

Before you jump into the dream, there are a few important things you need to know. The first, is don't lose grasp of reality. Make sure you choose your totem wisely. As with any dream sharing event, it is crucial to have a unique, personal item so you know whether you are in a dream or in reality. The second, is to plan and prepare for your mission. Time and space is different in the dream world, and you need to be ready for anything that may happen. The final, and most important piece of advice I can give you is this: Don't miss the kick. You need to be out of the dream before the Mark wakes up, or you could be lost forever in the unknown. Limbo--the infinite world where time is lost... and dreams become your reality.